English Cream Minidoodles

Royal Minidoodles turn heads everywhere they go thanks to their small stature, adorable faces, and beautiful mink-like coats. But they’re more than just a cute face…

Breeding our English Cream Golden Retriever females with our male Toy Poodles produces the adorable English Cream Minidoodle. Over recent years, the poodle cross puppies have become very popular due to their reduced shedding and the fact that crossing two different breeds retains the healthier traits of each parent, producing an all-around healthier dog.


English Cream Golden Retrievers have a considerably lower rate of cancer

The majority of Goldendoodles come from American Golden Retrievers, which though popular, are sadly plagued with a 68% chance of developing cancer and come with a high risk of hip dysplasia. However, English Cream Golden Retrievers have a considerably (40%+) lower rate of cancer. Due to the lower cancer risk as well as a lower risk of hip dysplasia, we at Royal Minidoodles realized that the English Cream Golden Retriever is a much healthier dog than the American Golden. For this reason, all of our moms are AKC 100% English Cream Golden Retrievers with Champion bloodlines, OFA certifications and clearances, and that much lower cancer rate. We knew that breeding these beautiful moms with the right toy poodle would produce a healthier hybrid. So began our search for the perfect stud!

We took this decision very seriously. The foundation stud we chose had to be a champion. He had to not only have a white mom and dad, but also be from a totally white genetic background (you can breed a white mom to a black dad and get a white puppy, however, we wanted to make sure that we had white genetics all the way back!).  He had to have been raised with children and be very well-socialized. Lastly, but possibly most importantly, he had to be from a genetically “long-legged” background.  In our research we found that genetically, there are both long- and short-legged poodles.  If you breed a golden retriever to a short-legged poodle, you will get puppies that will not be able to support their weight into adulthood! Unfortunately, you are unable to tell this when you look at darling little 8-week-old puppies. Only after you have grown attached to your baby and he begins to have severe hip and joint problems will you know that your breeder did not put in the time and effort to purchase a long-legged male poodle. Avoid these disastrous and heart-breaking consequences by taking home a Royal Minidoodle puppy!

We searched long and hard for the sires of our puppies, and finally found the perfect white toy poodles: Champion West Hills A Separate Peace (known as “Phinn”) and Champion Aico Dream Catcher (known as “Joe”). They met every qualification that I required. Both our AKC Champions, white, and long-legged. Phinn and Joe live in our house, sleep in our bed, and both rule the roost! They are the biggest “Lovers” that you will ever find. They both like to perch on our shoulders while we are on the couch watching tv or while we work on the computer  Wherever Connie is, you don’t need to look far to see Mr. Phinn curled up beside her!

These Champion Poodles with our Champion English Cream Golden Retrievers produce extremely rare 100% champion bloodline English Cream Mini Golden Doodles. These puppies will be smaller, live longer, and incur less vet expenses than most American golden doodles. We’re positive these gorgeous puppies will shower you with years of love, licks and loyalty!


These puppies will be smaller, live longer, and incur less vet expenses…

Why Minidoodles?

By breeding our English Cream Golden Retriever females with our 4 pound Toy poodle, we produce what most people consider a Mini-Goldendoodle. Obviously, Mr Phinn is not tall enough [to breed naturally], so we use a method known as transcervical insemination. With the aid of a long, slender scope slowly introduced into the vaginal canal, the cervical opening is visualized and a sterile, flexible catheter is passed through the opening into the uterus, where the semen is directly deposited. One of the main advantages of this type of insemination is that there is no anesthetic needed, as our moms stand quietly for the procedure.

Mini-Golden doodles seem to be a great size for many singles, couples and families.

Because our females weigh between 60-70 pounds, our puppies weigh in at different sizes too. We have actually had puppies that have reached only 12 pounds full grown, although that is not common. Our puppies typically grow to between 15-30 pounds. We are unable to guarantee what size your puppy will be when it is full grown. We will, however, be able to give you a very close idea of the final size based on previous litters, the size it is at 8 weeks of age, and the size of the puppy’s mom.

Mini-Golden doodles seem to be a great size for many singles, couples and families. They are great for small apartment living due to the fact that they shed less and don’t take up much room. They are happy whether you have a fenced-in yard or acres to run and play. Royal Minidoodles are at home anywhere they decide to call their palace!

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