Bring a Golden Minidoodle puppy home today!

All of our puppies come with a microchip, which is placed between your dog’s shoulder blades under our veterinarian’s supervision.

Did you know 1 in 3 pets will go missing in its lifetime?

For a one time fee of $17.50 when you register your microchip on puppy pick up day with us your pet will have a lifetime guarantee of being aligned with your personal contact information. Your puppy’s microchip is essentially useless unless registered, and is cheaper when done through our hub.

According to AKC Reunite’s website, “When you enroll your pet’s microchip, your pet’s ID is linked to your name, phone numbers, emergency contacts and other vital information in AKC Reunite’s database. When your lost pet is found, we can then immediately send you text messages, emails and begin contacting all the phone numbers on your pet’s record to reunite you as quickly as possible.

Also, if you ever need to update your pet’s information because of a move or new job, you can make updates to your pet’s enrollment online or by emailing AKC Reunite for no additional charge!”

Register your Microchip here via AKC Reunite’s website.