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Connie Deason

Connie was born into an Indiana farming family. She was the youngest of three children with two older brothers.

Connie’s love of pets was cultivated at a very young age. She remembers always having many different pets growing up, but her favorite was a big, slobbery St. Bernard named Bertha. She even showed Big Bertha in the county 4-H program along with cattle, hogs, and sheep. She was actually named Junior, Senior, and Supreme Showman on multiple occasions throughout her 10-year career in 4-H. She competed for 10 years at the Indiana State Fair as well. Connie is still a strong supporter of the 4-H program. It was truly instrumental in teaching her many valuable life lessons: being a caretaker, strong work ethic, non-competitive friendships, resiliency, leadership and communication skills to name a few.

In 1979, she married her high school sweetheart; a born and raised Texan relocated to Indiana. They both went to college, he becoming a board-certified Family Physician and Emergency Room Physician and she, a Registered Dental Hygienist. During married life, Connie developed a passion for breeding, raising, and showing dogs. For the first 8 years, she was infatuated with the Akita breed. She showed all over the US and won numerous AKC titles, including several Best of Breed and Best in Show. After having three children, Connie decided to take a 10-year break to be home and raise them.

In 1999, her oldest daughter, Carissa was killed by a drunk driver on their way home from Spring Break. The whole family was crushed, and cried on their beloved Golden Retriever, Izzy, when nobody else could understand their grief. In 2001, they adopted a beautiful little girl. A few years later Connie decided to return to her love of dogs. After many months of research, she found and fell in love with a new breed: the English or British Golden Retriever. So, began the love of breeding, raising, showing, and loving on puppies again.
Whenever Connie does something, she strives to be the best. She decided that she wanted to raise these puppies the best way she knew how: with top clearances, championships, stable temperaments, and an extensive, purposeful socialization program for puppies.

Today you can find Connie enjoying and spending time with her teenage daughter, traveling with her family, but more often, learning ways that her puppies can make a difference in the lives of others.