Bring a Golden Minidoodle puppy home today!

Sarah Stillinger

Sarah was introduced to the Deason Family in 2015. She has an undergraduate degree from Butler University in public relations and advertising. In addition, she holds her masters from Indiana University in public relations management.

She started out as Social Media Director for MMG and then transitioned to Cayla’s role as Office Manager when Cayla went on maternity leave with the twins. One of her favorite parts of her job is talking with each forever family about their wants and desires in a puppy. She also enjoys running Puppy Pick-up Days where families come to Connie’s house and choose their puppy.

Sarah grew up with English Springer Spaniels with the first four-legged family member she remembers being Rocky who was named after the movie starring Sylvester Stalone. She remembers sitting on the front step of her house that was surrounded by a courtyard in Harrisburg, IL brushing Rocky’s hair and playing with him.

She now has Gus a golden doodle who is her world and sticks to her like glue. They’re best friends and take trips to the Three Dog Bakery, Starbucks, and Graeter’s Ice Cream for special treats.