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Sarah Stillinger

Sarah was introduced to the Deason Family in 2015. She has an undergraduate degree from Butler University in public relations and advertising. In addition, she holds her masters from Indiana University in public relations management.

She started out as Social Media Director for MMG and then transitioned to Cayla’s role as Office Manager when Cayla went on maternity leave with the twins. One of her favorite parts of her job is talking with each forever family about their wants and desires in a puppy. She also enjoys running Puppy Pick-up Days where families come to Connie’s house and choose their puppy.

Sarah grew up with English Springer Spaniels with the first four-legged family member she remembers being Rocky who was named after the movie starring Sylvester Stalone. She remembers sitting on the front step of her house that was surrounded by a courtyard in Harrisburg, IL brushing Rocky’s hair and playing with him.

She now has Gus a golden doodle who is her world and sticks to her like glue. They’re best friends and take trips to the Three Dog Bakery, Starbucks, and Graeter’s Ice Cream for special treats.

Ben Craw

Ben has always had a fondness for dogs. He had two dogs growing up, Teddy Pepper. After marrying into the family and seeing their passion for connecting families with their lifetime companions, he fell in love with every aspect.

Tammy VanDeusen

Tammy VanDeusen lives in Muncie, IN. She always had dogs growing up and started her journey with training by showing in the dog obedience division of 4H at eleven years old. In her 20’s, she was able to purchase a dog of her own and she began competing in obedience through AKC and UKC earning elite titles with multiple dogs including CDX. She also got her start in dog therapy with many dogs titling them as therapy dogs and working in schools, libraries and nursing homes. Meanwhile, she developed a heart for fostering rescue dogs and working with sheltie rescue. She prided herself in fostering dogs with many behavior problems, training them in order to help them find their forever homes. Her competition roots continued through competing in obedience and agility over the next ten years. She even began teaching others in obedience and agility. During this time, she made the decision to become a veterinary technician. While working as a vet tech, she entered the herding world with competing, teaching private lessons, and judging through AHBA. She now holds multiple herding seminars during the year all over the United States. She continued her passion for teaching others by teaching puppy classes at a vet clinic.

Tammy joined the Majestic Manor Goldens family in 2016 as one of the founding trainers for the program. During her time at MMG she has earned, and continues to earn, many titles on our personal dogs including CGC and TDI. She has also put CGC titles on some older puppies that went to our forever families. She continues to attend educational seminars every year to increase her level of training. We, just like our puppies, are never done learning.

See titles that Tammy has earned with multiple dogs below. Each title was won with multiple dogs:


  • CH.
  • CGC
  • CD.
  • CDX
  • HSAs
  • HXAdsc
  • HSBs
  • HXBc. **The only Shetland Sheepdog to achieve this title.
  • HC
  • NA
  • NAJ
  • OA
  • OAJ
  • AX
  • AXJ
  • MACH


  • HTAD-IIIsc
  • HRD-IIIsm
  • RFL-IIIs
  • HTCH


  • STDdsc
  • OTDdsc
  • ATDdsc
  • WTCH


  • CD
  • CDX


  • and registered Therapy Dog

Cayla Craw

Cayla was born right before the Deason Family started breeding Akitas in 1988, so she has been around dogs, puppies and the breeding world her entire life. She could always be found in the puppy play pens as a little girl holding and playing with them. She grew up loving all animals and was involved in 4-H. Throughout high school, she was involved in multiple activities including Yearbook staff, S.A.D.D., Spanish club, Cheerleading, Show Choir, and Theater. She went to Butler University where she met her husband, Ben, through Cayla’s sorority sister and their involvement in Campus Crusade for Christ. She graduated from Butler with a Bachelor’s in Music and got married that summer. When Connie and Kevin asked her to join them in raising puppies, there was no question. Cayla loved delivering puppies, raising them, taking photos, talking to families and truly making a difference in people’s lives. Cayla worked as an in-home behavioral therapist for children with Autism before leaving to work full time for MMG. It is still her dream to be able to marry her two professions and use these puppies as therapy for children with disabilities. She loves kids and is able to bring her four young children, Caris, Annabelle, Emilynn and Everett, to work with her. They too share a love for animals. Now, THEY are the ones found in the puppy play pens snuggling our puppies. Whether she is snuggling puppies, helping moms give birth, or talking to forever families, her dream to make a difference in others’ lives holds strong, and she is seeing that dream realized through MMG.

Connie Deason

Connie was born into an Indiana farming family. She was the youngest of three children with two older brothers.

Connie’s love of pets was cultivated at a very young age. She remembers always having many different pets growing up, but her favorite was a big, slobbery St. Bernard named Bertha. She even showed Big Bertha in the county 4-H program along with cattle, hogs, and sheep. She was actually named Junior, Senior, and Supreme Showman on multiple occasions throughout her 10-year career in 4-H. She competed for 10 years at the Indiana State Fair as well. Connie is still a strong supporter of the 4-H program. It was truly instrumental in teaching her many valuable life lessons: being a caretaker, strong work ethic, non-competitive friendships, resiliency, leadership and communication skills to name a few.

In 1979, she married her high school sweetheart; a born and raised Texan relocated to Indiana. They both went to college, he becoming a board-certified Family Physician and Emergency Room Physician and she, a Registered Dental Hygienist. During married life, Connie developed a passion for breeding, raising, and showing dogs. For the first 8 years, she was infatuated with the Akita breed. She showed all over the US and won numerous AKC titles, including several Best of Breed and Best in Show. After having three children, Connie decided to take a 10-year break to be home and raise them.

In 1999, her oldest daughter, Carissa was killed by a drunk driver on their way home from Spring Break. The whole family was crushed, and cried on their beloved Golden Retriever, Izzy, when nobody else could understand their grief. In 2001, they adopted a beautiful little girl. A few years later Connie decided to return to her love of dogs. After many months of research, she found and fell in love with a new breed: the English or British Golden Retriever. So, began the love of breeding, raising, showing, and loving on puppies again.
Whenever Connie does something, she strives to be the best. She decided that she wanted to raise these puppies the best way she knew how: with top clearances, championships, stable temperaments, and an extensive, purposeful socialization program for puppies.

Today you can find Connie enjoying and spending time with her teenage daughter, traveling with her family, but more often, learning ways that her puppies can make a difference in the lives of others.